Living Room.jpg

Living Room

by Jon Troast

Release in 2009

Jake Goss: Drums
Matt Pierson: Bass
Andrew Osenga: Lead Guitar, Background Vocals Ben Shive: Keys, Bells, Accordion
The David Henry Orchestra: Strings
Elizabeth Foster: Background Vocals
Mitch Dane: Additional Percussion
Jon Troast: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Additional vocals on
“Somewhere Down the Road”
by Joshua V. Smith, Lindsey
Jones, and the good people at
living room concert #81 in Raleigh, NC and concert #85 in Philadelphia, PA!

Produced, Engineered and Mixed
by Mitch Dane at Sputnik Sound, Nashville, TN (
Assistant Engineer: Joshua V. Smith
Mastered by Vance Powell at Sputnik Sound (
Album Design and Artwork by Luke Flowers (

All songs © 2009 Jon Troast (BMI) except “Just Enough” © 2009 Jon Troast (ASCAP) and Mitch Dane - Satellite Serenade Publishing (ASCAP)