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Secret of the curds

toastmanacadiasmall After editing all of these photos, I realized I'm running out of time to post this before my next concert. So, I'll keep it fairly brief. Brief like the season for harvesting wild blueberries in Maine- Having some great times in the middle portion of this northeast tour. Including stops in Erial, NJ for a surprise graduation... read more...

Miles and milestones

brecksvillesmall The tour to the northeast has begun, and my car's odometer just crossed over 290k. I don't think I'll hit the 300k mark on this tour unless I get really lost in the wilderness of Maine, but it's definitely getting close. Of course, milestones like these are made of much smaller increments added up over time. Little things... read more...

Buckets of blueberries

blueberriessmall Summertime in the Great Lakes. A time for picking blueberries and raspberries. A time for playing guitar by a campfire. A time for watching a bobber from the end of the dock. A time for baseball games and melting ice cream. Really enjoyed this last tour! Thank you... La Crosse, WI- (put the cursor over the photo to see... read more...

Red Solo box

redsolocupssmall Ah, the red Solo cup. I was told recently that in some countries, they throw "American" themed parties, and one of the features of these parties is drinking from red Solo cups. I don't know how these things happen. Have I underestimated the power of Toby Keith? I'm currently in the northern midwest on another run of living... read more...