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Red Solo box

redsolocupssmall Ah, the red Solo cup. I was told recently that in some countries, they throw "American" themed parties, and one of the features of these parties is drinking from red Solo cups. I don't know how these things happen. Have I underestimated the power of Toby Keith? I'm currently in the northern midwest on another run of living... read more...

Difference of distractions

lakegenevasmall Back in Nashville for a week or so before heading back north for more concerts. The weather was kind enough to drop a few degrees for a beautiful holiday weekend. Normally, when I'm home, I write these updates at my house, but I decided to work from a local coffee shop this time. I'm noticing the benefits already. Turns... read more...

Somersaulting Timberwolves

dakotasmall Ah coffee shops, such a great place to eavesdrop. The people next to me are discussing home school and dividing up who will teach which subjects. I was homeschooled for only one year, first grade, and what a year it was. My best subject was shuffleboard (at least that's what we called it). It involved a board with slots... read more...

Sunfish or Snowfish?

fishsmall The cottonwoods are dropping their seeds. Tufts of white falling out of the sky in a part of the country that saw a lot of that type of activity over the winter- Minnesota and Wisconsin. Thankfully, these tufts are fairly safe to drive on and usually don't require shoveling. It's been a great tour so far.  I forgot how... read more...