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Grown up

bristolsmall Ah Wisconsin, you've been so good to me. Well, except maybe for some of my awkward teenage years, but that might have been more me than you. Now that I'm grown up and moved away, it's always nice to come back and visit. Still feels like home. Thank you Burlington- (put the cursor over the photo to see the "crazy" version.... read more...

What kind of color?

scottdalesmall The northeast tour has come to an end. I left before the fall colors got really good, but I think I got my fair share of color from these colorful folks. I mean, look at them:) Thank you Portland, ME (home of a delicious apple pie, which was actually made with zucchini. What?!) - (put the cursor over the photo to see... read more...

Secret of the curds

toastmanacadiasmall After editing all of these photos, I realized I'm running out of time to post this before my next concert. So, I'll keep it fairly brief. Brief like the season for harvesting wild blueberries in Maine- Having some great times in the middle portion of this northeast tour. Including stops in Erial, NJ for a surprise graduation... read more...

Miles and milestones

brecksvillesmall The tour to the northeast has begun, and my car's odometer just crossed over 290k. I don't think I'll hit the 300k mark on this tour unless I get really lost in the wilderness of Maine, but it's definitely getting close. Of course, milestones like these are made of much smaller increments added up over time. Little things... read more...