Friends, Lovers, or Alpacas

I played a couple shows in Virginia over the weekend. One in Spencer at what was dubbed the first annual “Friendfest”-

A campfire and song swap took us late into the night. Yesterday I was in Arlington-

The concert was hosted by a couple friends I originally met when they lived in Nashville. At one point in the evening, I received the high compliment (so I’m told) that I resemble an alpaca (you can’t see it because of the glare, but the photo by the Toastman features an alpaca). Only a true friend would be so honest. Maybe it’s time for a haircut:)
One of the state’s slogans is “Virginia is for lovers”. However, if the John Mayer song is true, and the options are “Friends, Lovers, or Nothing”, I would choose friends. Or maybe option D- alpacas. Confused about what an alpaca is? Let me introduce you.

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  1. Norma says:

    You’re not quite that wooly, Jon. Or maybe it’s alpacay. Safe travels.

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