All Accounted For

Just a few more stops on this tour then back to Nashville. However, I just found out I’m a finalist in the Kerrville Folk Festival “New Folk” Contest, so I’ll be heading out to Texas again in May and I plan book some house concerts there and back. I should probably start that soon! But before that, what a week in northern California. Thank you…


Santa Rosa (the Toastman nearly got left out of this one! I quick snagged him and jumped back into the photo. Action shot!)-

Santa Rosa again-

Just can’t get enough. Santa Rosa-

San Francisco-



A lot of great memories to account for. Speaking of, it’s tax time, and the host from last night is an accountant so I should probably give him his desk back. More to come!
ps He actually doesn’t do taxes, but it made for a good ending to this entry:)

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