A Wave I Can Ride

I’m not a great surfer. In fact, I tried it again on Wednesday and I got pretty well worked over. However, I’m learning a few things about it. Waves that break for a long time, steadily in the same direction are a treasure. I feel like this tour is like that kind of wave. One great ride! Here are photos from another week in California.
Hawthorne (Action shot! The dog is jumping out of his hands)-

Orange (a little rain on the camera lens. The group photo had to be moved inside as it started raining right when the concert ended. A beautiful night)-

Orange again (an afternoon concert in a backyard garden setting. And…monkey bread!)-

Garden Grove (It was a unique honor to share my name with a cupcake)-

Garden Grove again (I’m pretty sure this is the first time someone was included in the group photo via Skype. The sister on the computer screen on the far left!)-

Upland (Thanks for the kumquats and good conversation)-

and Fresno (We laughed a lot. I like laughing. A lot.)-

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